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Do you want to explore modelling?

‘The Beginners Guide to Modelling’ is for anyone considering modelling as a career, particularly young people who want to make an informed decision about their options. Modelling can be full of pitfalls, but there are also so many exciting opportunities. It is essential someone considering modelling finds out what route might be right for them and whether in the end, they feel they are really suited to it.

‘The Beginners Guide to Modelling’ covers the practical details that no one really has the time to tell you before you start out as a model, tips on staying safe as you work, suggestions on positive lifestyle choices and some thoughts on coping with rejection and maintaining sound mental health. The book aims to help people keep a sense of balance as they explore modelling as a career. ‘The Beginners Guide to Modelling’ provides practical help, to support and keep models safe.
Loved reading this book, great insight into the world of modelling. I would recommend to anyone new or old in the industry, the book provides an insightful perspective into what can be a smoke and mirrors industry. Wish I could’ve read this when I started modelling 10 years ago.
- Elizabeth

What's covered?

CHAPTER 1 – Who can Model?

CHAPTER 2 – I wish I knew


CHAPTER 4 – Pros and Cons

CHAPTER 5 -Myths

CHAPTER 6 – Social Media

CHAPTER 7 – Where to start?

CHAPTER 8 – What we do?

CHAPTER 9 – Travelling

CHAPTER 10 – My Casting bag

CHAPTER 11 – Casting Makeup

CHAPTER 12 – What to wear

CHAPTER 13 – Body Beautiful

CHAPTER 14 – Fitness tips

CHAPTER 15 – Time to eat

CHAPTER 16 – Mental wellbeing

A fascinating insight into the life of a model - well worth a read if you're considering joining the profession or just have a casual interest!
- Tom