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Charlotte Maslin Knight is a London based Model, Author and Ambassador for The Born Free Foundation and Compassion UK. Charlotte loves to create content that encourages young people to be the best they can and inspire those wanting to explore her passions.

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.’
- Coco Chanel

The Book

‘The Beginners Guide to Modelling’ is for anyone considering modelling as a career, particularly young people who want to make an informed decision about their options. Modelling can be full of pitfalls, but there are also so many exciting opportunities. It is essential someone considering modelling finds out what route might be right for them and whether in the end, they feel they are really suited to it. ‘The Beginners Guide to Modelling’ covers the practical details that no one has the time to tell you before you start out as a model, tips on staying safe as you work, suggestions on positive lifestyle choices and some thoughts on dealing with rejection and maintaining sound mental health.

The Blog

This section is designed to equip and encourage those interested in Modelling, Fashion, Beauty, DIY and Lifestyle. As well as highlighting chapters of the book and providing knowledge into the modelling world, other blog pots include meal ideas, fashion tips and homeware DIYs Charlotte LOVES!