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What’s in my casting bag?


Whats in my casting bag? 

First things first, I’m not really a bag girl. I’m more than happy to use my coat pockets as my personal items rarely stray from: my Phone, Money, Oyster Card and Keys, and if I’m honest as long as you have all those things you are fine! But when I am working there are a few things that are MUST HAVES! 

First thing is a sturdy bag. I use the canvas one my agency gave me as I don’t like to use my own big bag because they can get stretched and misshapen. It has really good strong handles and as it’s a floppy canvas bag it can stretch to fit everything I need for a days casting. 


Next up is my Portfolio. It’s a big black book, larger than A4 but smaller than A3, it’s really heavy and holds all my photos and cards. Some models use IPads and use an electronic PDF with all their photos but I think that having a physical book encourages the client to look more carefully rather than just flicking through on an IPad. 


No model is complete without a pair of killer heels! These are my Zara ones that I bought in the sale for under £20!!!! They are the highest things I own and I am currently in the market for a new pair, but I can’t find anything high enough… I’d quite like something more strappy and sandal like for the summer that are maybe red?.. I’ll keep you guys updated with the heel search! 


Another thing that I find REALLY helpful is a big scarf. It is a great thing to carry around, particularly at this time of year when the weather doesn’t really know if it’s hot or cold, so having something to throw over dresses, shirts and jumpers is so handy. Also, when I’m working sometimes I need to cover up but can’t put my own shirts on because it would rub off makeup etc… so wrapping this scarf round like a poncho helps keep my modesty and warm me up! These two scarfs I have are from LikeMary London; Beige Scarf Red Scarf (pictured).


I also carry my Vlogging camera which is a Sony Nex-F3. It is a really portable camera that also has interchangeable lenses, I use the 3.5-5.6/18-55 lens which came with the camera and I’m thinking of investing in some more lenses. I think it’s really handy to carry a good quality camera as it allows me to take shots on the go as well as giving me no excuse not to vlog! 

Something else that is kind of related to my camera is my notebook. I am constantly caught out when I think of something and have no where to write or sketch it down! I love recording things both photographically and also by writing because I find it hard to remember things! 


Some other little things that I keep is a tangle teaser to give my hair a little freshen up before going into the casting. Some mints, nuts and a big bottle of water! Water is essential and I try to drink at least 1L a day to keep my skin fresh and my body hydrated. I also keep some nipple covers in my bag incase I am asked to wear something that is a little too see through for my liking!  


The last three things I always have are Hand sanitiser, Deodorant and arguably the most important, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! Hand sanitiser is key as I’m usually on public transport during the day getting from one casting to another and we all know how grubby london transport is. So I always keep my Dr Bronners lavender spray with me, not only do your hands feel clean but they smell great too. Deodorant is a no brainier when the long, hot and sunny days roll in, keeping fresh is not only kind to you but also others around you! Finally the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a dream. You can use it anywhere on your skin and it is so hydrating! Lips dry, put a little on. Cheek bones need highlighting, put a little on. Elbows dry, put a little on! It’s so versatile and despite the smell it’s an all round winner!


I hope you have liked this post and hopefully it will be helpful for all the aspiring or new models out there. Comment below your handbag staple and it might be a new addition to mine!