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Glam Glow face mask review

There has been so much noise about Glam Glow face masks over the past few years.  FINALLY I have been able to try them out myself. Glam Glow is a skin care range from the US who have recently opened a pop up in London which I was able to check out and it was honestly heavenly! As a model I have to take the time and effort to keep my skin in good condition, so finding a selection of face masks that meet a range of needs and solve different problems is fabulous.  Those of you who know me know I do love face masks and my skin care routine usually involves at least one face mask.


The three different types of Glam Glow face masks that I have tried out are the YOUTHMUD, FLASHMUD and POWERMUD.


The packaging of the products is amazing. It feels substantial and well designed, which instantly makes you think that the product inside is worth the effort. I thought ‘Hello Sexy’ was a humorous touch.  


First off, this is the FLASHMUD mask, which is great for all skin types and is predominately aimed at dark spots, uneven skin tone, dullness and an uneven skin texture. The FLASHMUD texture is quite grainy which lends itself well to exfoliation. I would not say though that there are enough particles in the product to be a substantial exfoliating mask, but for sensitive skins this would be the perfect amount.

The mask is quite thin and light in colour, which is not my favourite. I prefer a darker colour mask with a thicker texture because I can see what I am doing more clearly and get the product onto every part of my face. This is just my personal preference but you may have a totally difference experience!

I found that the mask did achieve its goal of brightening my skin. This could be due to a trick I use which I found on Sephora.  I use the mask for three days straight and then top up 2-3 times a week to maintain the results.


Next we have the POWERMUD mask. This mask is also good for all skin types and it aims to brighten skin and even out texture, oiliness and dryness. I am not sure how one mask can be a solution for both oiliness and dryness, as they are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, but I have more of a combination-dry skin so can’t judge!

This mask is a mud-to-oil, gentle, deep cleansing treatment that removes the weekly buildup of dirt, oil, and makeup. This again is a pale mask, which makes it harder to cover the whole face evenly. I try to overcome this by using a face mask brush or unused foundation brush.

I think the POWERMUD is my least favourite, but again that is just my view. I feel that the consistency is too runny however the concept of mud to oil is really cool as it both cleanses and purifies. Maybe I am just being too picky, having said that I do think they are all awesome!


Lastly we have the YOUTHMUD, tingle, exfoliating, mask and this was probably my favourite. It simply does what it says on the tin. This clay mask is a light charcoal colour and has lots of little particles in it which exfoliate your skin without being too rough, I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but it does seem to be gentle.

This clay mask soon sets and is easily rinsed off with a wet flannel or with a electric face brush. The dark colour enables me to see where the product is going which helps me to achieve an even full coverage.


After using this mask I do feel like my skin looks amazing and as its main focus is fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dullness and uneven texture. It seems to be a good all rounder. 

I hope you feel like giving these a try. Please comment below or on Instagram to tell me what you think of these products and which you prefer!