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The Rum Kitchen


So London life is often busy… really busy!! I often find myself getting caught up in the rush of everyday life. If you’re anything like me, you need places to take your mind off of things, unwind, and experience some culture. I therefore present to you, the Rum Kitchen!

If London is getting you down and you want to get away for a while, this is THE place to go! Authentic Caribbean food, a lively atmosphere and service typical of the Caribbean lifestyle, which is, well… relaxed, shall we say?


Joel and I went to Barbados for our Honeymoon and had been craving some serious jerk chicken, so this place was just what we needed with a serious dose of nostalgia! So what did we eat?

I had a jerk chicken bowl which involves:

  • Beautiful succulent jerk chicken thighs
  • Classic rice and peas
  • Coleslaw, watermelon and pineapple
  • Jerk gravy

Joel went for the THE messiest option:

  • More beautiful jerk chicken thighs topped with AMAZING jerk bbq sauce
  • Scotch bonnet mayo
  • Lettuce, tomato and a toasted brioche bun

Of course, I had to try some of both…

Together we also shared a portion of crispy squid for good measure.


We also had to try their cocktails, 1 Dark and Stormy; a blend of Gosling black and 151 rum, ginger beer, lime and bitters and 1 Happy Daiquiri; Bacardi superior, lime and sugar. Again, the Rum Kitchen really stuck to their Caribbean roots, with VERY generous measures… 1 cocktail is enough for a lunchtime…believe me!!